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THE BBC RADIO1 1980'S REUNION...An Audience With

Dj's from the 1980's together with their Radio 1 Controller will take the stage for an evening of banter and laughs accompanied by previously unseen photos and anecdotes unheard in the public domain of their celebrity encounters.  The 2nd half of the show will entail questions and answers - from the DJ's to the audience and back at them. 

Lookout for an announcement launching this worthwhile Charity event in aid of Finley Morris5 - a 6 year old lad suffering from Leukemia and needing funds and media attention to find a suitable donor for bone marrow and stem cell treatment taking place on the Isle of Wight,  Spring 2015. 



 Monster Monster ERIC (Bubelah) HALL

Listen to Eric's weekly Sunday afternoon show at 4pm-6pm on Time 107.5FM