About Music Majors  

Music Majors is the only company finding the people who worked behind the scenes in the record companies, radio and media to come and talk about how some of the world's biggest recording artists' careers were developed.

From those who started their own labels and signed the artists to those who played their music on radio to the promoters and agents who grew their live touring presence.  

  Contact Music Majors on jcp@musicmajors.co.uk     07831 395029

Contact Music Majors on jcp@musicmajors.co.uk     07831 395029

Many didn't get university degrees.  What they had was the creative ability to see what would work in the public media arena and then sell it.  They were often natural raconteurs and great storytellers.  The Promotion staff can tell you how they got a new artist's single on to Radio playlists - using whacky and sometimes dangerous pranks to get noticed.. The Marketing man can tell you how an artists' album sleeve was conceived and the advertising campaigns put together amidst tight budget restrictions.

Then there are the managers, music publishers, disc jockeys, promoters and agents.   Without them - International reknowned artists like Bruce Springsteen and U2 wouldn't have been signed nor their careers developed to where they became household names.

During the second half of all Music Majors' events, you get to ask questions.

Take a look at our Potential Tour Idea pages where you can 'like' or leave a comment.  We'd like to know whether you'd be interested in the subject and your feedback is appreciated.

We are working on a tour of The MD's - the men at the top of the record company's who have so many stories to tell of the world famous artists on their labels they'll struggle how to keep it all into a 100 minute programme.